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Infinite beer diversity thanks to a huge range of hops. Discover the BARTH-HAAS GROUP’s hop varieties and hop products and see how you can create and brew your own unique beer.

In addition to the traditional hop products, our range is complemented by numerous innovative and creative products. From bitter and aroma compounds to anti-foaming agents, the BARTH-HAAS GROUP supplies everything you need to put your brewing ideas into practice. More >

Hop varieties differ in terms of their individual aroma profile and bitter content. Along with malt, yeast and water, they give each type of beer its character. Find out all the details about the BARTH-HAAS GROUP’s international hop varieties. More >

Hop varieties

Hop growing can look back on a long international history. All over the world many different hop varieties have been developed by different breeding programmes. Each of these varieties has its own characteristics. Just write down the hop variety you are searching for to get more informations.




Join the BARTH-HAAS GROUP on a world tour: simply click through the hops map of the world or select a country from the list to find out what varieties these countries have to offer. You can find our most important hop varieties at a glance here.

Hop products overview

Exclusive BARTH-HAAS hop varieties

Looking for something really special? Then look no further than the BARTH-HAAS GROUP. MONROE and RELAX are two exclusive hop varieties that you will not find anywhere else.

With an alpha value of only 2.5% and an oil content of 0.95 ml/100 g, the Monroe at first seems rather gentle and mild. But when you let this variety loose on a beer, it turns into a knockout in red (aromas).
Relax is a variety that was originally used for tea rather than beer. Relax has a very low alpha acid content and a high oil content. With such a high oil content, a wide diversity of aromas is to be expected.
The International Hop Growers Convention (IHGC) revised the list of all hop varieties and created an internationally valid standard. Find the list here.

Hop Products

Hop Products

This shows our product range and detailed information on the use and technical specification of each hop product. “Classic Products” covers everything about raw hops, pellets and extract. “Advanced Products” includes all products with respect to bitterness, aroma and foam. The “Creative Products” will surprise you with exclusive hop creations. Here you can find our product portfolio:

Product Portfolio

Classic Products
Advanced Products
Creative Products
Hop Creation No.1 T’n’T®
Hop Creation No.2 Fantasia
Hop Creation No.3 Yellow Sub
Hop Creation No.4 Aloha

NEW: Flex® - the flowable hop product for efficient beer bittering.

Learn more:


Here and now we will reveal the secret about our welcome beverage at Schanzenbräu & Friends:

We hope you enjoyed the champagne-like drink – even if it wasn’t one at all! This is a special creation, where grapes didn’t play any role, but instead sorghum! It doesn’t come from the Champagne region, but from our research brewery in St. Johann and the flavourful (frothy) “crown” was added by the special hopping dosage with Incognito™.

Learn more about Incognito™ and how to brew sophisticated beers with alternative raw materials! Our taste experts can be reached at .


Uniquely innovative –
our Creative Products

T’n’T®, Fantasia®, Yellow Sub and Aloha –
four extraordinary hop compositions

The specially balanced creations T’n’T®, Fantasia®, Yellow Sub and Aloha – developed by BARTH-HAAS using top-secret formulas – allow you to brew interesting and sophisticated beers with a diverse range of intense flavours.


simply hops

Simply Hops –
Online shop for hops

Our online shop, Simply Hops, is an efficient supplier of high-quality hop products particularly for smaller breweries. The online shop provides a selection of products from the tried-and-tested BARTH-HAAS range, specially tailored to the needs of the smallest buyers – such as hop pellets in five-kilo packs.


Hop breeding

Hop breeding has been carried out in Europe since the beginning of the 20th century. The initial incentive was the increased occurrence of fungal diseases, which led not only to fears amongst hop growers for their crops but also amongst brewers for their raw material supplies.

Although this is now more than 100 years ago, hop breeding has lost none of its relevance for the present – in fact, quite the contrary. Resistance to diseases and pests is only one goal of hop breeding today. Increasing the yield and brewing quality play an equally important role. In relation to the latter in particular, it is the compounds i.e. the proportion of different hop oils, which are attracting increasing attention. And not just since the advent of Flavour Hops.

In view of these developments, it goes without saying that the BARTH-HAAS GROUP provides active support to hop breeding around the world – whether by sponsoring government breeding facilities or through its own breeding programmes.

Learn more about the hop breeding carried out by our group members via the following links:

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