Reliable added value for hop growers

Hops from Joh. Barth & Sohn stand for quality worldwide. Together with our growers, we work with renewed effort day after day to maintain this promise and further extend it. In this way, we ensure safety, purity and quality for breweries and customers on the one hand and reliable marketing for growers on the other.

Here, we actively involve our growers in projects in order to keep an eye on all aspects of hop growing and subsequent marketing. Our focus is always on reliability and trust.

To ensure the highest quality of hops and smooth-running operations, we pay particular attention to production-related and hop-growing matters. Thanks to their professional training in farming or agricultural science, our buyers are able to advise hop growers as equals with reference to key issues such as cultivation, fertilisation, plant protection, harvesting technology, drying and variety selection. The spirit of trust in this dialogue is reinforced by means of regular further training.

Our purchasing philosophy:
Partnership is our watchword

The establishment of trust, a collaborative relationship and long-term cooperation with our growers are the cornerstones of our purchasing philosophy. Together they form a sound basis for a well-functioning partnership.

However, this does not mean that trust and competition are mutually exclusive. We are well aware that in today’s market conditions there is constant competition for hop growers – especially for those who act very flexibly and display a high degree of initiative. Therefore, we at Joh. Barth & Sohn make intensive efforts to be attractive to our hop growers as a customer and to remain so. We hope to achieve this by becoming better together with our growers as a “value chain” and by offering them very special added value for their farms. This means having to think differently: it is no longer enough only to have a short-term focus on price; our declared objective must be to jointly exploit the efficiency potential along the entire value chain.

It is therefore particularly important to us that our growers are heard, which is why we’re always on site and have also established the so-called Growers’ Advisory Board. This board is the mouthpiece of the hop growers and allows them to put forward their concerns and needs at its regular meetings. After all, good partnerships grow best when each side knows the wishes of the other party and can respond to them.

With regard to our purchasing philosophy, partnership in practice means maintaining our position on the market with care and vigour in close collaboration with our growers – and thus playing a proactive role in shaping the future of hops and, with it, the success of our growers’ operations.

BARTH growers’ learning system:
cultivating potential

The aim of the BARTH growers’ learning system is to establish an even closer connection with our existing growers, to support them in developing their potential and also to continue to acquire new suppliers. A key element here is to take appropriate measures to jointly identify and improve the potential of the individual growers.

This identification of potential is based on the categorisation of the hop growers. In this categorisation, each grower is classified on the basis of their present turnover with BARTH, their productivity and their future potential. Just as BARTH tries to be attractive to its suppliers as a customer, our suppliers likewise need to be open, flexible and geared towards innovation. The BARTH growers’ learning system is a management tool which emphasises the hop growers’ responsibility for the productivity and capacity for innovation of the shared value chain. Thus, both sides can gain corresponding benefit potential which is expressed in a sustainable business relationship, including, for example:

  • a better exchange of information regarding technical matters
  • more effective handling of processes and operations
  • the avoidance of conflicts and the unnecessary transactions they involve

This means not only greater satisfaction for the individual hop grower and for BARTH, but also an improvement in competitive flexibility and pace due to closer coordination. Also, as a result of stronger commitment (sense of unity) it can lead to greater willingness on the part of the hop growers to innovate and invest.

Supplier retention:
profiting from valuable services

A great number of our hop growers already profit today from our many projects, services and initiatives. In addition to information packages and direct and indirect consulting support, these include the provision of special terms and further cultural and social measures. These are open to any hop grower who would like to work with us to become even more productive. For example, we support our growers and give them the opportunity to develop into top suppliers according to the BARTH growers’ learning system. Our measures include the following

Growers’ Advisory Board

Representatives from the ranks of the growers convene regularly with BARTH to exchange experience and information. These meetings provide a forum to discuss current topics and problems and search for appropriate solutions.

BARTH growers’ portal

This online database created especially for our growers provides them with exclusive access to individual contract, lot, quality and alpha data and also serves as a source of up-to-date news and useful calculation tables. Totally simple, convenient and always accessible online: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To BARTH growers’ portal >

Plant development fax

A sound foundation for future decisions: we draw up a well-founded analysis of plant development and compile information regarding the occurrence of diseases and pests. An important decision-making aid for targeted plant protection and healthy hop plants.

Harvest planning

We analyse the alpha acid development of all the main varieties in the respective growing regions during the ripening period. We thus provide important assistance when it comes to deciding on the optimum time to harvest.

Lot allocation

A special service that we provide is that of dividing our growers’ lots from the outset with regard to both quality and alpha contracts in order to ensure the highest return.

BARTH growers’ portal

Take advantage of up-to-the-minute information from the hop industry and convenient access to your personal contract and lot data with reports and evaluations – all with a simple click on the BARTH growers’ portal.

our growers

The demands placed on the hop grower today are continually increasing and are becoming more and more extensive. This means that in order to be successful it is no longer enough simply to understand the growing requirements of this demanding speciality crop. Therefore, it is now also indispensable to have the latest knowledge, for example, with regard to aspects of business management, the legal framework, trends in the brewing industry and the requirements for sustainable farming.

The BARTH-HAAS HOPS ACADEMY covers all of these and many more topics in its extensive range of courses. The practical oriented training courses at the BARTH-HAAS HOPS ACADEMY are held by well experienced hop experts at various dates. They are structured as modules which are in turn made up of individual units covering many aspects regarding hops in various subject areas. This allows you to choose, depending on your personal level of knowledge, whether to acquire a general overview of a wide range of topics or to attend special, in-depth training courses, such as the irrigation workshop, for example. The modules can be successively expanded and supplemented as required.

For groups, the topics of the training courses can be tailored to the specific needs of the group. Institutes, schools and universities have the possibility of integrating selected topics in their own curricula. To find out more, contact us today.







The lecturers at the BARTH-HAAS HOPS ACADEMY

What is the claim of the BARTH-HAAS HOPS ACADEMY? Everything you need to know about hops! This is the guiding principle that our lecturers have absolutely taken to heart. Whatever the question, or whatever the topic, as long as it relates to hops, the experts at the BARTH-HAAS HOPS ACADEMY are there with the practical experience and expertise to provide you with advice and assistance.

Peter Hintermeier
VP Purchasing
Thomas Raiser
Thomas Raiser
VP Sales & Marketing
Johann Braun
Manager Purchasing Germany
Willi Kellerer
Purchasing & Advice Hallertau
Otto Widmann
Purchasing & Advice Hallertau/Elbe-Saale
Stephan Schinagl
Manager International Purchasing
Florian Weingart
Purchasing & Advice Hallertau/England
Andreas Sterler
Purchasing & Advice Hallertau
Stefan Stanglmair
Purchasing & Advice Hallertau/Slovenia
Christian Goldbrunner
Purchasing & Advice Hallertau/Poland
Dr. Reinhold Kugel
Director of Productquality and -safety
Thomas Weidner
Dr. Christina Schönberger
Director of Technical Sales Support
Georg Drexler
Technical Sales Support
Dr. Elisabeth Wiesen
Technical Sales Support

Course dates at the BARTH-HAAS HOPS ACADEMY

Would you like to bring your knowledge up to date in order to be able to meet the constantly rising demands of hop growing? Then look no further – below you will find the current course dates and topics at the BARTH-HAAS HOPS ACADEMY.

The BARTH-HAAS HOPS ACADEMY 2017/2018 dates will be starting in november 2017.

Please note that all courses are held in German, unless stated otherwise.

Bierbrauen für Einsteiger mit den Brautechnikern der BARTH-HAAS GROUP
Barth-Stüberl im Barth-Einkaufsbüro, Mainburg

(Peter Hintermeier, Joh. Barth & Sohn)

Richtige Handhabung von Delmhorst und Humimeter
(Willi Kellerer, Joh. Barth & Sohn)
Deutsches Hopfenmuseum, Wolnzach

Klimawandel - Neue Wege in der Hopfenkultur?
Referent: Dr. Wolfgang Patzwahl, B.T.W. Büro für Technik und Management im Wein- und Gartenbau

Ergebnisse aus dem Herkules-Alphascreening 2016 - 2018
(Andreas Sterler, Joh. Barth & Sohn)
Deutsches Hopfenmuseum, Wolnzach

Vorstellung des Verarbeitungswerkes St. Johann
Führung mit anschließender Diskussion

Referenten: Friedrich Loipeldinger, Boryana Kotzbauer, Dr. Bernhard Ramsauer, Richard Lenz, Hopfenveredlung St. Johann
Hopfenveredlung St. Johann

9:00 - 16:00
Hopfenbonitierkurs für Einsteiger
Barth-Stüberl im Barth-Einkaufsbüro, Mainburg

9:00 -17:00
Braukurs für Fortgeschrittene mit den Brautechnikern der BARTH-HAAS GROUP
BARTH-HAAS Campus, Nürnberg

HAIX Group
Referent: Ewald Haimerl, Geschäftsführer HAIX
HAIX World, Mainburg

Gasthaus Hillerbrand, Aiglsbach

(Thomas Raiser, Joh. Barth & Sohn)

Erkenntnisse aus den Auswertungen der Pflanzenschutzmittelbögen 2018
(Christian Goldbrunner, Joh. Barth & Sohn)
Deutsches Hopfenmuseum, Wolnzach


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