Barth-Haas Grants.

For us, supporting research means shaping the future. That is why the BARTH-HAAS GROUP awards grants to young students who are engaged in innovative hop research.

The grants amount to 10,000 euros each for up to two scientific studies. The award decision is made by a jury made up of managing partners of the BARTH-HAAS GROUP and members of the BARTH-HAAS Scientific Team.

Since 2007, 56 grants have been awarded to 22 different institutes and research establishments for outstanding hop research projects. The BARTH-HAAS GRANTS have become so successful that hop research has been given a new lease of life. The projects that have been supported up to now have dealt with topics such as hop-based anti-foaming agents, dry-hopping technologies, hop aroma yield during the brewing process, hops and gushing, the constituents of hops that affect flavour and the role of the hops in flavour stability. Other questions that have been examined are whether the HSI is variety-specific and what influence hop proteins have.

Want to apply for a hop research grant?
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